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  • Concentration is the ability to pay close attention to one specific thing and to block out all the other things that are happening.
  • A short attention span (the length of time for which you are able to concentrate on one thing) is most commonly a symptom of fatigue, stress, depression or mental burnout and over work.
  • It can also result from a lack of sleep, a lack of nutrients necessary for your brain to function (such as vitamin B), intoxication or mind altering substances including medical drugs, a trauma or injury to the head, aging, withdrawal symptoms and certain hormonal imbalances.
  • Take a Viridian multivitamin every day. Ensure it has therapeuric levels of folic acid and B12, as it can be hard to get enough of these vitamins in the diet and even moderate shortfalls may contribute to mental decline.
  • Herbal helpers

  • Rosemary (for rememberance) or basil as essential oils are traditionally used for those wishing for a better retreaval of information (students sitting exams etc.) Tests on brain waves show that inhaling either of these scents increases the brains production of beta waves, which indicated heightened awareness.
  • Ginkgo biloba - this herb appears to improve bloodflow to the brain, which helps the brain cells get the oxygen they need to perform at their peek. In Germany, ginkgo is frequently prescribed to prevent memory loss.
  • Gotu kola tincture - a herb that elephants love, has been used for thousands of years to help increase mental acumen.
  • Sage capsules or tincture (as the name indicates)  has been used for many years improving memory function. Sage is used in herbal medicine as a peripheral vasodilator (helps to open up the peripheral blood vessels) and therefore may improve oxygenation and blood flow of the tissues of the brain.
  • Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have abnormally low attention spans accompanied by restlessness and hyperactivity (see Hyperactivity). Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder requires a diagnosis by a healthcare practitioner. If you are experiencing difficulty concentrating and your symptoms have not eased within eight weeks then please consult your healthcare practitioner.