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Colic is a term used to describe a cramping pain felt in the abdomen.

Babies can show signs within the first few weeks of their life and continue with prolonged and distressing periods of crying. As it is often difficult to determine the source of the baby's distress, a baby should only be presumed to be suffering from colic once all other causes of discomfort and pain have been ruled out.

The exact causes are uncertain, but theories include digestive upsets, gas accumulation in the digestive system and abdominal cramping. If the mother is breastfeeding, it is strongly suggested that she drink three cups of fennel tea daily. The carminative elements of fennel will flow through the brest milk and help relax the abdominal spasms.

Colic can also be a result gas build up or obstruction in the intestines. Colic can be a severely debilitating pain with periods of no pain in between as it typically comes in waves as a result of contractions and relaxations of the affected organ. Please consult your healthcare practitioner if your colic persists for longer than four days.