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Chronic inflammation of the skin which often occurs in the middle of life. Typically there is redness and possible swelling of the sebaceous glands.

It can also occur anywhere on the body due to over function of these grease glands.

It is often associated with heartburn (for which Meadowsweet tincture is recommended) or a hormone disorder (for which Agnus castus as capsules or tincture is recommended).

There appears to be a strong link with the digestive system and many of those with the condtion notice a link with diet. It may be worthwhile avoiding chocolate, cow's milk, sugars and drinks that avoid facial flushing. Vitamin B6 for menstrual acne may be of some benefit.

Topically, cooling astringent creams or ointments may soothe the redness of the skin, such as Chickweed cream, Witch hazel, Castor oil or diluted tea tree oil.

Here, at our Herbalists we have had some great success with pycnogenol and digestive enzymes.