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Long ago, nature provided us with strong smells to entice the opposite sex - but BO won't get you far today...

  • Beyond deodorant
  • - Dab on witch hazel water, it can be splashed onto the skin as often as you like with a cotton wool pad. This refreshing liquid is both dryind and deodorizing.
  • - Bicarbonate of soda can be sprinkled into trainers - this powder aids to absorb moisture and it also kills odour-causing bacteria.
  • - Shave regularly under your arms - armpit hair traps sweat and bacteria and thereby increases body odour.
  • Go green
  • - Lavender, pine, tea tree or peppermint essential oils fight bacteria and smell pleasant. Always do a test patch first. The oils can be diluted in a base oil of marigold or added to a natural liquid roll on.
  • Eat green and smell clean.
  • Kelp and Spiru capsules¬†contain large amounts of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has a powerful deodorizing effect in the body.
  • Lime tree tea stimulates the excretion of waste products from the body and stimulates the excretion of waste, which is turn makes the sweat sweeter.


A good detox = sweeter socks

Try a 24 hour detox and water and as much fruit as you like. Taken with Kelp and Spirulina capsules this is a very simple detox to throw into your life.

  • Cut down on meat - a diet high in these amino acids lead to bad breath and an increase in body odour.