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A bladder instability can be quite common in women later in life or after having children due to a defect in supporting muscles. Pelvic floor exercises are recommended .

The symptoms in women often involve the sudden expulsion of a few drops of urine from the bladder following a sneeze, cough or lifting heavy weights. Herbal urinary agents help ot tighten up the sphincter muscle which has lost tone - these include Horsetail tincture or Cramp bark tincture in water three times a day.

For men, later in life , they may find that they are waking in the night to make more trips to the bathroom than usual. This is commonly caused by an enlarged prostrate and must be checked out by a general practitioner. If the prostrate enlargement is benign - then Saw Palmetto capsules would be recommended buy amlodipine .

Some younger men, may find that they have a bladder weakness. After tests to eradicate any possible bacterial or STD causes, then a course of Horsetail tincture or our urinary cleanser tea may also be benficial to improve the elasticity of the bladder.