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Bad breath.

Do people back away from you when you talk, or has someone told you that you have bad breath. If so, try these simple measures.

Causes: Gum disease, poor dental hygiene, tonsilitis, excessive catarrh (post nasal drip or respiratory), smoking, mouth breathing, sinus infection, abscessed tooth, coffee, digestive disorders or liver disorder.

Emergency measures

  1. 1 - Water - a quick rinse with a glass of water can help to shift bacteria between the teeth.
  2. 2 - Tongue - vigorously rub the tongue over the teeth and remove the protein fermenting bacteria that are sitting there.

Herbal helpers

Tincture of cloves - add a few drops into some water and allow to wash over the mouth and spit it out.

Tincture of myrrh - one of natures finest anti-bacterial agents. Add a few drops to water to make a gargle. Useful for mouth ulcers and tonsilitis.

Eucalytpus oil - useful for blockage of the respiratory channel and an aid for sinusitis.

Echinacea and kelp and spirulina may be of use. The chlophyl in spirulina are cited for aiding the absorption of odours and may be on benefit for the digestive system and the elimination of toxins.


B-complex. VItamin C and bioflavonoids(1000mg)