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Muscular problems are the most common cause of back pain. As with any muscle in the body, injury or strain of the muscles causes pain. The most common injury of the back muscles is due to lifting heavy objects. Lifting requires muscular strength and an object that is too heavy for your muscles to lift will place strain on your back muscles. If you are lifting heavy objects, be sure to keep your back as straight as possible and as vertical/upright as possible so that most of the work is done by legs and not your back.

Just as is the case with all the muscles in your body, exercises or activities that are not usually performed may cause back muscles to become stiff which also results in back pain (see Muscular stiffness). Tension may cause the muscles in your back and neck to tighten. Areas in a muscle that are stiff and painful are often referred to as knots. Knots in a muscle can cause a substantial amount of pain. If your back pain is a result of tension then stretching and relaxation techniques should be learned and repeated as often as possible. In the event that your backache lasts longer than three weeks then it is advisable that you consult your healthcare practitioner.