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Anxiety is caused by a mood of fear, the resolution of which is usually psychological or spiritual.

Symptoms include dry mouth, increased sweating, fainting attacks, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath

Prolonged consumption of strong tea, coffee and other caffeine drinks lead to a deficiency of vitamin B1 which can manifest as general anxiety.

As devastating as anxiety can be, it is important to know that anxiety can be treated and overcome.

With regards to herbal medicine, we would recommend the use of Valerian tincture, Chamomile tincture or Oat tincture.

For anxiety prior to menstruation, evening primrose oil capsules may be of some benefit.

Dietary wise it cannot be over emphasised the importance of removing caffeine containing products. An introduction of a vitamin B complex, Magnesium and Zinc may be beneficial.

For psychological support, relaxation techniques would be recommended such a yoga or meditation.

If you experience symptoms of anxiety for longer than four weeks then please consult your healthcare practitioner.