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The period of recovery from surgery, following a severe illness, or after injury is also referred to as convalescence. During this period, the body needs time to heal and adjust from the physical trauma experienced and the individual may still be weak and require adequate rest and rehabilitation.

Restorative herbs include:

Avena sativa tincture - one of the major nervous system trophorestoratives in the materia medica.

Echinacea purpurea tincture or Echinacea purpurea capsules - to help strengthen the immune system and prevent any recurrent infections.

St Johns wort tincture - to help the patient maintain a positive attitude (precautions needed if on prescriptive medication)

Siberian ginseng tincture or Siberian ginseng capsules - an aid for the adrenal glands and useful for post viral depression. An adaptogen.

DIet - Avoid alcohol, smoking, coffee and other caffeine drinks. Slippery elm gruel can be taken freely.

While it may be important in some cases to get the patient up and moving around, forcing oneself to return to full speed too soon can have serious consequences and compromise long-term health. 

For recovery to be truly successful, the patient has to have a positive, determined attitude and be surrounded by a caring group of family and friends.